Optimizing E-commerce Site Will Boost Sales 2022

Optimizing E-commerce Site Will Boost Sales 2022

With technology changing most aspects of the conventional way of doing things, you expect to have more people relying on your E-commerce site for shopping.

More so, whether you are selling services or products online, you already know that an eCommerce site is indispensable. However, having it all set up is one thing, while having it functioning optimally will do the rest, like increased sales, low traffic, and server issues. 

Since you need this for your business to thrive, you have to optimize the site. Therefore, the following are some simple and non-technical tricks you can do to achieve a better eCommerce website.

Optimizing Ecommerce Site

1. Add extra Resources to the site

Always ensure that the web visitors on our eCommerce store get answers to all their questions. Even if they were looking for another sire that deals with similar products, convince them you can do better.

FAQs Website Page

This can be achieved by incorporating these resources;

a. A Blog Page

Having a page where you frequently publish meaningful content around your industry is magical. Therefore, add a blog page where you post product reviews, product descriptions, and related work to your business.

b. A FAQs Page

As we said earlier, your goal is to make the web visitor stick to your page and probably make a purchase. Thus, add a page on the store having Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) revolving around the products or services. 

c. Customer Testimonials 

Your prospective customer might be sceptical at first – that’s normal. To convince them that your claim is top-notch, including honest customer reviews alongside the purchase area for them to evaluate the claims.

2. Make The Homepage Attractive

Consider meeting strangers in the park for the first time; they are all dull and repulsive. Would you like to be associated with them? Probably not. What happens online too? Human beings react emotionally, so let’s see how we can manipulate that by doing the following on your home page;

Attractive Website Homepage

a. Choose The Right Colour 

Psychologists say that different colours have different emotional triggers. Therefore, depending on your products or services, you must research the colour theme that matches your business.

b. Make It Simple

Apart from being awesome, we are lazy too. For that reason, customers need to have a swift shopping experience whenever they land on your site. And you can ensure that by having a simple User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designed for your store.

c. Use Creative Images 

Don’t use dull and cliché stock images for display. If your budget allows it, hire a designer to customize images to sync with your brand. That way, you will be ahead of your competitors, which will help you attract and retain more customers.

3. Improve SEO of The Website

You might be offering vital services online but wondering why no one is purchasing them. The answer is often Search Engine Optimization, SEO. It includes making the site easy to index by search engines. Here’s how to do that;

Digital Marketing SEO Dublin

a. Use Better Keywords

For example, better is the keyword for this point. Got it? Search engines like google rank websites according to how well they relate to the search queries they receive. 

These queries are what include the keywords. Therefore, use keywords that are directly related to your business. 

These are tips on how to use the keywords;

  • Do thorough research on how people conduct web searches and the most commonly used keywords in your line of business.
  • Use keywords in the meta description of your products or services 
  • Avoid keyword stuffing – using too many keywords harms your site’s reputation.
  • Use organic keywords naturally in the web content to improve communication and avoid ambiguity or poor readability.

b. Use Analytic Tools For Insights

Tracking how your website performs to your competitors helps you strategize a counter. This is to say that it’s hard to understand why your sales curve is inconsistent by just looking at the numbers. 

Smart tools like google analytics can tell you the extent to which the customer went after they landed on the site, which regions are the site more visible, which product or services are performing poorly or better than the rest, and so on.

All this data will help you in your marketing, pricing, or even your overall site speed. 

c. The Best Content Is King

We have already seen that having resources is a plus for your eCommerce site. However, we overlooked the idea that the resources needed to make the site more visible. 

Moreover, a website with inadequate or insufficient content is as good as none. Hence, you need to ensure the content is regularly updated; it is keyword-rich, links to external authority websites, and, most importantly, is relevant. 

4. Use of Marketing Techniques 

David Ogilvy said “that if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” Borrowing from this analogy, you can find creative ways to market your business widely. So, here are some innovative techniques to get the word out;

Website Design, E-commerce & Digital Marketing

a. Advertise Your Site on Media 

This tip is not as obvious as it sounds. Adverts are, to some, neglected by several businesses – for claims that it is expensive. 

Yes, it is costly but worthwhile. By displaying your products to a larger crowd, you will attract more web visitors and, eventually, higher conversions.

b. Give Offers To Your Customers

Boosting sales is not all about getting the maximum profit margin. Your customers need to feel appreciated, and selling at discounts will ensure that. Furthermore, discount offers will improve your sales volume, translating to higher income. See? Win-win.

c. Include Call To Action (CTA) buttons on the site

Your message might be persuasive to the customer, but they might be left wondering, what now? Here, you need to have strategic CTA buttons allocated on the site that propel the web visitor to take action. 

They include; add to cart, buy now, subscribe, start now, grab a free copy and so on. On that point, however, it is also wise to realise what works and what doesn’t. You need to be creative when designing your CTAs since some nights just do not cut it.

d. Offer Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff, even your potential customer. Freebies will work mostly when you deal with premium services or products that regular buying is minimal. 

Also, a premium sale is limited to a smaller number of people. Therefore, including freebies like ebook guides, email newsletters, or branded merchandise will help you be all-round, thus widening your customer base.

e. Holiday Gifts 

Besides freebies, you can start campaigns during major holidays where you offer your customers exciting gifts that resonate with them. These gifts include themed merchandise, buy-one-get-one-free plans, coupons, and flash sales.

To Sum Up

To Sum Up

After reading all that, you might be convinced that you have been getting it all wrong, but that’s beside the point. Boosting sales is easy, and it should not be your biggest worry. You will realise that you have done some of these things on your website, but it did not boost the sales as expected. In that case, you will have to restrategize by taking into consideration; your business, target customer, marketing techniques, and your site’s functionality. When you do all it takes to make a customer visit your website, the site will do the rest, and you will see the sales curve skyrocket like never before.

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