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Our Ultimate UX Design Guide for your website

I am primarily concerned with how the website feels.

My goal is to make the user’s interaction as efficient and simple as possible. I usually write various website user scenarios and building patterns of interaction. Also, I prototype a websites’ interface and create the website logic via wireframes.

I’ve assembled a list of four (4) UX guides that I use in my UX design process. This guides help me understand how and why in order to make my website UX decisions into the final design. 

Initial Research

I start by thinking about the users. Who are they, where are they from? Where can I find them? I take a look at all the design website requirements and goals in close collaboration with client, and list out the questions about things that are still in my doubt, even things that I am not sure about then give it to the users.

Sometimes I do survey and collect ideas from users. There is not always good ideas, but there will be some really good ideas come from the users. And then  I create the user flow with the data from different sides to make sure it easy and smooth for the users and hence create a better experience. 

Generating ideas for design

This is the most fun part from my side. The design gives everyone a first visual impression of the website. I design the wireframes to help me identify potential challenges and gaps with the sitemap. The main point of wireframes is to let everyone gives their idea, exploring options and once everyone agrees on one, we can start further design without any changes or confusion.

Turning ideas into concrete design

Once I am done with the wireframes, I start work out the visual design. This part is about beauty, colours, spacing, padding, font size. I create a style guide, to aid me keep consistency of designs. And start thinking about the usability of each UI design elements such form inputs, labels, buttons size…etc. I need to make sure the designs are pixel perfect.

Evaluating the design

So finally the first version of our excellent website is developed and launched, I validate the design. This is done using Google Analytic tools to track how users use the site, and how they interact; can they get the goal that we want them to? If not then give the solutions, recommendation to improve the function, design. 

And finally, we will repeat what we did from the first step, research, analysis, design, validate it. This is one of the common design processes. I just gave you a first impression of how the website design process is.

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