Websites for Your Business Startup

How We Create Websites for Your Business Startup

If you are very keen, you realize that the fourth industrial revolution is now prevalent at the lowest level of the economy. Most businesses have been forced to change to fit into the system. This rapid change shifted from centralization to decentralization.

Since the conception of the World Wide Web in the 80s, innovative entrepreneurs like you have harnessed the commercial potential of an online presence. You already know that establishing your business startup online requires a website and a dynamic web 2.0 version that ensures unlimited business boundaries. That is why OWI exists.

In this article, we will walk you through our web-building process, our services, and our location.

How Our 7- Phase Process Works

After we realized that small and medium enterprises struggled a lot to scale up regarding online marketing, we decided to fill the gap by offering web development services. We adopted the 7-phase web design process.

The process has the following stages.

Stage #1: Analysis

We gather your information using questionnaires regarding the website’s purpose, goals, and target audience. This data helps us set a base for the type of site you are looking to have. For a business startup, this is very important.

Stage #2: Planning

After establishing a solid idea of the website you are looking for, we map out the sitemap, the structure outlook, and the technologies we use to build the website. By looking at your business model, we draft custom sitemaps for more straightforward navigation of the site pages.

Stage #3: Design

We understand that when your business is in its initial stages, your budget is quite fixed; therefore, we choose the best design elements that suit your business needs according to the analysis of the information you provided.

In this stage, we choose the best colour palette that is attractive, represents your brand, and visually supports the message of your business.

We also ensure we design clear and custom Call-To-Action buttons with high conversion rates. 

Stage #4: Content

The best content is king. You want your web visitors to get full information when browsing your site’s pages. Therefore, we ensure we choose the right text for your web copy and the best photos. We also edit your product photos to be more appealing and detailed for the customers and optimize the content for search engines.

Stage #5: Development

It’s time now to display the idea. Here, we focus on the overall outcome of the product. By the use of HTML5 and CSS3 programming, we develop the site. Yours here is to sit back and watch as we do what we are good at doing. After making the first design, we allow you to review it and provide feedback according to your preferences.

We make sure that the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) make the web visitor visualize how your product or service solves their problems efficiently by highlighting the critical components of your startup.

Stage #6: Testing

After the site is ready, we don’t advocate letting it live without checking its compatibility with multiple browsers, load time, and overall design outlook. Therefore, we review and fix any issues related to web performance. Also, we go back to our analysis notes and tick yes or no for the purpose and goals of the website.

When we ascertain that your website is properly functioning, we launch it into the public domain.

Stage #7: Deployment

Getting the site live does not completely signal the end of our work. We move forward and monitor the performance regarding search appearances and bugging. These help us identify the loopholes we might have missed in the testing stage. If needed, we can handle the management and hosting of your site too.

Where We Apply Our Services

For the last 10+ years, we have had the privilege to work with multiple clients with different needs in the following areas:

We Operate From

We have a physical address at 57 Gardiner St. Lower Dublin 1, though we can transact online, regardless of your location.

Why Choose Us

At OWI, we stand for one principle – integrity. Not only do we honestly deliver, but we ensure that we meet your expectations. Your satisfaction is our primary concern since we aim to help business startups like yours have a smooth transition from the initial stage to the next. We have done it before and are willing and able to do it again.

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