Get The Shifts

Get The Shifts

Get The Shifts

Get the Shifts is a tech-centric staffing solution that is disrupting the hospitality sector by supporting bars, restaurants, stadiums, festivals and other hospitality events to source quality, experienced staff in their area on-demand.

Their clients need high-quality staff for irregular shifts, to combat sick days and no shows and to manage seasonal labour challenges.

Main Objectives

Get The Shifts operations were inefficient as departments need to constantly refer to each other to access key information. Similarly, stats, targets and KPIs were very difficult to measure because of the old systems were used to handle various tasks.

Departments were constantly referring to each other for information.

The purpose of this web-based app is to improve efficiency when filling shifts. It is also to enable both clients and staff to have more control over their shifts.

Administrative (office-based) staff to access this web-based app to view all aspects of the business from one central point.

Staffs to manage their profile through the web-based application.


OWI developed a web-based application specifically for them and it is an ideal product for them to streamline and improve the administrative processes within the office.

What We Delivered

  • Web Application Development
  • Management of Bookings:
    This web application allows for the bookings that come in to be logged, filed and tracked all within the application. A new booking is manually input. The app then allows GTS to send out these shifts to the relevant staffs.
  • Client Details:
    The web application allows GTS to track the bookings in from a specific client, as well as their preferences for staff (favourites).
  • Management of Staff Information:
    All staff info is no longer kept on a spreadsheet or individual folders. And now GTS have all this information at the press of a button through the web application. They can log information for all their staffs and they are in searchable and trackable format.
  • Recruitment Processes:
    The web app allows full management of all steps in the recruitment process through the back end of the app.

What's inside the pages

Dashboard Screens
Dashboard IPad
Dashboard IPad 2
Calendar Screen
Booking Overview
Shift Details
Booking Staff

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