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Why We Offer Managed Cloud Hosting to Our Clients

If you are like most website and application owners, you are always looking for fast and efficient maintenance solutions. Most developers think that maintaining a clients’ website is only about setting up servers or installing Linux. That is far from the truth. Due to this, clients end up taking more time focusing on the technology they are using instead of the business. Your website deserves to be taken care of its updates, security, SEO, backups and hosting. In this article, we will focus on hosting services.

Why We Offer Managed Cloud Hosting to Our Clients
Why We Offer Managed Cloud Hosting to Our Clients

What is Website Hosting

Simply put, web hosting is an internet service that makes the website accessible via the world wide web. The website is assigned some space in a server that acts as a data centre and as a link between the website user and the web content. Hosting service providers have different packages that they offer to their clients. These types of hosting services generally fall into three categories, which are;

  1. Shared Hosting 
  2. VPS
  3. Cloud Hosting 

1. Shared Hosting 

Think of this as one big apartment containing many tenants. It entails one large server that stores resources for many websites and applications. Shared hosting services are cheap but highly unreliable. They tend to have downtime, data compromise, and many issues that make your website slow. Having your website hosted in a shared plan is not a good idea, mainly if your business relies heavily on the internet.  

Shared Hosting 
1. Shared Hosting 

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is like the premium version of shared hosting. You are assigned a server compartment within one large server that hosts your website resources. This hosting is ideal for a business that is dependent on online appearance but not fully. It offers you a better alternative to shared in that you are in control of the server compartment assigned to you. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS)
2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

3. Cloud Hosting 

This type of hosting is the most advanced and revered out there by clients and hosting service providers, and for good reasons. The logic applied here is that your website will be hosted in a network of many cloud servers. These servers render web content that is requested by the web user, thus promoting fast load speed. This reason, among others that we will discuss is why we recommend it to our clients.

Cloud Hosting 
3. Cloud Hosting 

Managed Cloud Hosting Explained – How It Works 

In the above section, we have just shed some light on cloud hosting for the sake of comparison. There’s more to it. By definition, it is a network of virtual servers that use the resources from the static servers to run your site. The hosting server itself only exists in the virtual world or the “cloud.” Thus, the cloud runs all the applications and services on multiple servers at the same time. These machines can be located at different data centres across the world.

All the resources that your applications require or consume are distributed virtually and are rendered to the user individually. The other importance of cloud hosting is that these resources are manned by the agency to keep them running. The agency providing you with managed cloud hosting services, such as our very own OWI Hosting Services, adds a layer on top of the server provided by the cloud Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS, provider. These IaaS platforms include DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services, AWS.

Through automation, the managed cloud hosting service provider has most of the tasks taken care of by the layer created. These tasks taken care of by the IaaS include server provisioning, application set-up, and server maintenance. 

As seen above, with managed cloud hosting, you as the website owner has so little or nothing to worry about as all the technical stuff is taken care of. This ensures you have ample time to focus on other facets of your business.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting 

Cloud hosting offers you a peace of mind in that you never have to mind the technical facets of your website and applications. On top of that, here are pros of managed cloud hosting.

1. High reliability 

Your ideal web user needs to access the website without chaos. Thus, having it hosted on a managed cloud server promotes just that. Reliability is portrayed when the web visitor can still access the site even when one server goes down since healthy ones will respond to requests. 

2. Faster load time

The load time of a website is essentially the time a website takes to execute commands. This time is affected by many things, hosting being one of them. Sites hosted in shared platforms tend to have a slow load speed compared to the rest. When it comes to managed cloud hosting, your website is guaranteed to load extremely fast due to the server distribution. On top of that, web and application resources hosted in the cloud are rendered individually, thus promoting speed by eliminating unwanted renders. 

To add to it, there are other aspects of a website that makes it function optimally. Click here to read our article on how we can help you optimize your website.

3. Security 

We offer you managed cloud hosting since we understand how important security is for you. Whenever your resources are hosted on a cloud server, security measures such as Intrusion Detection Systems, (IDS) and firewalls are guaranteed. These measures ensure that your website and application users are not vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

4. Automatic and On-demand Server Backups 

Managed cloud hosting service providers have these two methods that ensure that server content is not lost in case of unseen disasters. This backup strategy copies the server content to a secure server that ensures your resources are safe and readily available, thus avoiding downtime.

Why We Offer Managed Cloud Hosting Services 

Why We Offer Managed Cloud Hosting Services 
Why We Offer Managed Cloud Hosting Services 

It is without a doubt that you, either as a developer or a web owner, are convinced that cloud hosting is the go-to option. We stand for one thing, and that’s integrity. Therefore, it’s our mandate to ensure that we are honest with our clients. When we recommend managed cloud hosting, it’s because we have had firsthand experience with it, and now, we want you to have a similar experience.

Other than the benefits we have outlined above, we are confident that managed cloud hosting is the future of web hosting. If you observe current trends in web design and development, you will notice that more enterprises and businesses alike are shifting to online businesses. This shift will lead to an influx of high-end websites and applications that will be relied upon by many. And that’s where the benefits of cloud hosting come in handy – security and speed. 

Wrapping Up

Hosting services are essential for a website, regardless of its objective. More so, without hosting, your website is as good as non-existent. As a web development agency, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that whatever we build for you serves the intended purpose seamlessly. That is why we recommend our managed cloud hosting services for the many pros we have seen. After all, our job does not end at the website or application launch. 

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