Inspiring Web Design Trends for 2023 

If you plan to launch a new website in 2023 or redesign your current one, you will likely seek inspiration from current trends in web design. The styles, techniques, and practices used in web design are constantly evolving, and it is recommended that you keep up with them. Better user experience, reach, accessibility, and relevance are among the reasons you need to incorporate current trends in web design.

For the past few years, we have seen many improvements in design, user experience, technologies, and much more. In this article, we share the top and current trends shaping the design and development of websites in 2023.

Current web design trends

Out of the many trends shaping web design in 2023, we have seen a few that have been universal and popular across the board. These trends have changed websites’ functional, appearance, and end-user interaction aspects. The following are the most common trends currently.

1.Y2K Aesthetic  


Y2K aesthetic is a term used to describe a specific style popular during the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is characterized by a futuristic, high-tech look that was heavily influenced by the excitement surrounding the impending turn of the millennium (Y2K).

Back then, Y2K was heavily used in websites, graphics, advertisements, and other digital media. This style uses futuristic typography and bright colours to create futuristic and sci-fi-inspired designs. The primary reason why this trend is highly popular is nostalgia. Naturally, humans are wired to revisit past happenings for pleasure and other reasons. Also, the adoption of Y2K results from the retrofuturism movement.

2. Immersive illustrations in design


Virtual and augmented reality technologies have shaped web design. Designers are forced to adopt immersive illustrations compatible with AR and VR. For instance, the metaverse has made designers more creative with dimensions to create a better user experience for web users.

Multi-layered illustrations, animations, and effects create these immersive experiences. Claymorhism is another immersive experience incorporated into the design to bring a natural feel to a site’s UI. The goal of this style is to create a more dynamic and visually appealing design for a memorable and impactful user experience. 

3. Scrolling effects


Scrolling effects have become a popular trend in web design as they provide an interactive and engaging way to present information on websites. These effects range from subtle animations to more dramatic transitions, and they can guide users through a website and create a more dynamic user experience.

One of the common scrolling effects that are currently trending is the parallax effect. The parallax effect involves movement speed differences between a website’s background and foreground elements. Such effects hold users’ attention and keep them engaged with the content on the site.

4. Micro Interactions


Micro-interactions refer to small, subtle interactions on websites, such as hover effects, button clicks, and feedback animations. These interactions are designed to provide a more interactive and engaging user experience and to help users understand the results of their actions on a website.

The trend of using micro-interactions on websites comes from the need for a better user experience. This design element choice leads to a more engaging and user-friendly user interface. 

5. Customizable viewing experiences

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As preferences change, designers have had to adapt to personalization techniques, such as allowing web users to have customisation options when interacting with websites. The rise of options to toggle dark modes and resize fonts is a perfect example of the ability to customize the viewing experience. 

This web design trend is a continuation of the accessibility trend that has shaped the design of websites for a while. Being able to control how you consume content on a website increases engagement and retention.

6. Animated loading screens


Most web users dislike waiting for screens to load, so making the wait time value is an excellent way to avoid bounce rates. Animating loading screens archives this by increasing engagement and improving user experience on the site.  

This web design trend is gaining popularity because of immersive and interactive design trends. Creative designers use micro-copy or helpful information to reinforce branding. Furthermore, a similar trend is seen in error pages. This approach could improve your business site’s user engagement and screen time.

7. Custom fonts & typefaces


Among other things, web design is about exploring the limits of creativity while still acknowledging usability. As such, design elements, such as typography, can be tailored to look a certain way. Most designers are now shelving the conventional fonts and typefaces and using custom ones in UIs.

The goal of using custom fonts goes beyond trying something new. Rather, these designs are a way for brands to convey brand identities and personalities. They help create a distinct appearance in a crowdy online space.

8. Ultra-minimalism


Since using animation, custom fonts, integrations, and effects is popular in web design, focusing on minimalism is also a trend in 2023. Ultra-minimal designs have become mainstream and inspired other designers. 

Ultra-minimalism is characterized by less clutter and distractions. These designs have simple elements that are lightweight and clean. The objective is to prioritize the functionality of a website rather than aesthetics. By doing so, users enjoy fast load times and a more enjoyable and intuitive browsing experience. 

Final thoughts

Web design is evolving too fast. The tools, technologies, skills required, and platforms disrupt conventional web design processes. With so many factors influencing the design, the current trends are not surprising. People who keep up with these trends will be in a better position and reap the benefits of it. 

If you own a website, review its current design and see if it can benefit from any of the current design trends we have outlined. Then, reach out to us if you need anything to do with web design, development, digital marketing, or maintenance. 

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